“Birthright Israel completely changed my life, my perspective on the Middle East, how I feel about being Jewish and much more. I made friendships that will last a lifetime, connected more deeply with myself than I ever have before, and went to places I’ve only dreamed about. It’s safe to say I fell in love with Israel. There were so many highlights but building relationships with the Israelis was, by far, the highlight for me…They gave me perspective on my life and my privilege and changed me forever. I will never look at things the same way!”
Melissa, Canada

“Over ten days we saw the Land of Israel from the North to the South, and I was able to learn about myself and my history. I felt a sense of pride and purpose, when I understood that this was my turn to expose them to the truth about Israel, the homeland of each one of us. Most importantly, I learned that despite the differences in our lifestyles, each of us shares the same background. This background is what created such a strong connection between us all.”
Rebecca, Israel

“Before Taglit, I was disconnected from the community and had little knowledge of Judaism or interest in my Jewish side. Fortunately, this trip came as an opportunity to create the bridge that was missing with my people. Today, almost a year since my trip, I have never been so involved in the community and in touch with Jewish traditions and culture. I keep in touch with everyone who has traveled with me and I have built a strong bond of friendship with some. I dance in a group of Jewish folklore, which helps me to understand more about the Jewish culture in different parts of the world and to continue my bonds with the community.”
Hary, Brazil

“If I hadn’t gone on Birthright Israel, not a single part of my life would be the same. Being Jewish would not be as important to me. I would not have met my husband nor have our house, our daughter or this life. I wouldn’t be part of a community in Florida that loves and supports my family. I would never have the experiences that I’ve had or the open mind I carry with me each day. Braden and I now know the importance of our Jewish heritage because that too made our paths cross on Birthright Israel, and we are so thankful.”
Jenna, USA

“Shabbat in Jerusalem, the Hall of the Names of Yad Vashem, as well the breathtaking panorama in the Negev – these are just a few of the many experiences that I will always remember. These ten days have made me aware of my Jewish identity for the first time and have provided me with an unforgettable insight into Israeli culture. This once-in-a-lifetime experience certainly would not have been possible without your generous support. Thank you for this valuable gift. I look forward to my next trip to Israel.”
Felix, Germany

“I was born to a Tunisian Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father. I grew up in Toulouse with no Jewish connection. In 2017 at the age of 25, I discovered Israel for the first time, thanks to Taglit. During the trip, I celebrated my bar mitzvah at the Western Wall. Before the trip, I had no clear path in my life and after the incredible experience on Taglit, I understood that I must live my life as a Jew. When I returned to France, I decided to have a brit mila in order to completely join the Jewish people. I have become very involved in the Jewish community and I am studying Hebrew. I could say that this trip changed my life but even greater is what the trip aroused within me.”
Pierre, France

“I never had the opportunity to go to Israel before.  I had no idea what to expect as I had no knowledge of what Israel or the people are like. The trip was more than I had hoped for. Israel is an amazing country and as a Jewish person, it is important to visit and understand its history and current issues. It is really important that these trips continue and allow young Jews to explore their Jewish roots, beliefs and identity in such a special way. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I will not forget it.” 
Natalie, UK

“I was very far from Judaism, so I believed from the beginning that the trip might be a little uncomfortable for me. Each day of Taglit was truly memorable. I learned a lot and in just a short time I became comfortable. I was building my own point of view and getting closer to Judaism in a sincere and beautiful way. We were not just a Taglit group, we became a large family, a family that endures here in Chile, together with the soldiers who were part of our group. If you ask me if Taglit changed my feelings about Judaism, I will say yes, completely. I am enthusiastic to continue sharing this with others, and to be able to come closer to the religion, for it really is something beautiful.” 
Ana, Chile

“I studied in a Jewish day school and had visited Israel when I was younger. I had always looked at Israel as a country like any other. But this time, I really saw how amazing the country is and how it has developed over the years. Many of the sites no longer seemed to be just tourist attractions but I saw the history behind them. Taglit was a life-changing experience for me. I hope that some day, I will have children who will come to Israel, if I am not already living here.” 
David, Australia

“Taglit totally changed my opinion about Israel, a country that is extensive, diverse and with so much to offer. The trip also changed the way I understand my Jewishness and my family. Before Taglit I had almost no contact with my ‘being Jewish.’ Many places helped me reconnect with feelings that I had never experienced. After visiting Yad Vashem, I couldn’t stop thinking about my grandfather who escaped from Europe to Argentina. Meeting the 5 soldiers was also amazing.  They gave us a very interesting perspective on what it means to defend a country in warfare. We became very close to them and through them, to Israel. The friendships will remain forever.” 
Barbara, Argentina