Israel is widely known as the Start-Up Nation, and is recognized as a major player in the fields of innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship.  Thus a major focus of each Taglit-Birthright Israel trip is Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship. 

In June 2016 Taglit-Birthright Israel launched the Center for Israeli Innovation in partnership with The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The exciting and cutting-edge Center allows Taglit-Birthright Israel participants as well as tourists and visiting delegations to learn about the new advancements Israeli start-ups are making in such fields as science, space, medicine, security, transportation, agriculture and more. Furthermore, the Center offers a networking platform to share internship programs and job opportunities with young professionals from around the world.

Over 168,000 guests have visited the Center, including Taglit-Birthright Israel participants and local and international delegations of journalists, diplomats, entrepreneurs and businesspeople.


Birthright Israel Excel offers a 10-week professional and educational experience in Israel, followed by a lifelong Fellowship that builds strong business, personal and philanthropic relationships between North American and Israeli young Jewish adults. During their 10-week summer experience with Excel, Fellows can experience either of two opportunities:

Excel Business

Overseas participants are placed in a competitive internship in a leading global company, focusing on finance, consulting, venture capital, cyber, biotech, marketing or business development; Business Fellows also gain professional mentorship and personal relationship with Israeli participants.

Excel Ventures

Overseas and Israeli participants form interdisciplinary teams and undergo several phases of educational and practical training in an entrepreneurship boot camp; Ventures Fellows are ready to launch a startup by the end of the summer or in the years to come.

Fellows continue to take part in community-building activities after they complete their summer internship.  The annual Birthright Israel Excel Conference in New York boasts over 300 Excel Fellows, along with hundreds of members of the wider young professional community.

Since 2011, 783 participants have joined the Birthright Israel Excel Fellowship.