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The Mifgash

The Mifgash, where participants meet and spend quality time with their Israeli peers, has been proven as one of the most effective and transformative elements in the Taglit-Birthright Israel experience. The Israeli peers gain important insights into the Jewish world and its significance, as well as their own connection to Israel, let alone friendships that extend far beyond the ten-day trip. These relationships forge the basis for lasting bonds between young Israelis and their worldwide Jewish peers. Research also indicates that Israelis return from the Mifgash with a renewed sense of pride and motivation to further contribute to both the Israeli army and the country.

Over 750,000 young Jews worldwide, including 112,903 young Israelis, have benefitted and continue to benefit from their Mifgash experience, rendering it one of the largest educational enterprises in IDF history.    

One of the defining moments for me during my Taglit trip occurred immediately after our visit to Mount Herzl. As we were making our way to the bus, some of the other participants approached me. We just stood in a group hug for a few moments. And then one of the them told me something that I will never forget: Now we understand. This army is not just the army of Israel. It is the army for all of us. And this country is not just of the Israelis. It belongs to us all. At this moment I decided that it does not end here. I have since dedicated myself to show people the real Israel, the Israel that I know. I have traveled around the world to speak in front of audiences of Israel supporters and detractors. And it is thanks to Taglit that this has become my life mission. Everybody knows that Taglit causes young Jewish adults around the world to fall in love with Israel. But now I know that Taglit also causes Israelis to fall in love all over again with their country.” 
Shahar, Israel

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